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Introducing Paradox11: LIFE MADE SIMPLE

Updated: Nov 14

Sammi Marie is the founder and visionary behind PARADOX11. Her story is a testament to resilience, the power of self-awareness, and transformation.

Early in life, she experienced childhood abuse and abandonment, feeling unsafe and neglected. Her response was to survive. She says, “Trauma experiences highly influence your emotional, mental, and physical health”. As a teenager, she was rebellious, defensive, and angry at those who failed to protect and care for her. This defiance evolved into a "gangster" persona during her high school years. Hanging around with those who shared similar stories of pain and hurt, she found what she was looking for: connection, empathy, and support. The hood life became part of her identity.

However, as much sorrow her life may have felt at times, the other side of her was full of hope and determination to succeed by believing in her dreams and that she could achieve the life she desired rather than passively accepting outcomes. She was offered a position in the corporate world. This new chapter became a change full of opportunity and direction. She honed her business acumen for nearly a decade, climbing the ladder of success. But the real transformation began when she held her firstborn. Holding him, she realized that the "gangster" still within needed healing. She chose to be the nurturing mother she never had, the mother her son deserved.

After committing to becoming the best version of herself for her son, she embarked on a journey of self-awareness to confront and overcome her inner demons, including anxiety, depression, trauma, toxic generational cycles, financial downturns, the challenges of COVID-19, and an identity crisis. Throughout her journey, she focused on self-awareness, emotional regulation, positive thinking, and intentional actions to achieve her transformation.

The outcome of her journey encompasses the serenity within nature for deep connection, reflection for education, and routines that inspire our faith, which are the milestones and creation behind Paradox11 products. These products are tools that were instrumental in her transformation into becoming the compassionate friend, vulnerable wife, dedicated mother, and thriving woman she is today.

Paradox11 is more than just a brand; it's a movement advocating for transformational change. We believe in the boundless potential within you. Our curated products aim to help you navigate life's challenges and manifest the life you envision.

Remember, your power is immense. Regardless of the hurdles you face, believe in your strength. You can overcome anything!

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